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Demo: See How Great A Flame

Had this revival hymn knocking about forever. It’s a reworking of a jam by Charles Wesley. He wrote verses one and two, then I rewrote em and did the rest. It’s a bit too complex/weird for a congregation but if you like it leave me a comment…

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See how great a flame can spread
Kindled by a spark of grace
The love of Christ can raise the dead
And set the nations all ablaze
To bring fire on earth he came
Kindled in some hearts it is
Oh that all might catch the flame
Recieve the joy he longs to give

When the work first began
Small and feeble was it’s day
Soon the gospel swiftly ran
Soon it blazed a widening trail
Day and night it spreads and grows
Ever mighty to prevail
Ancient strongholds overthrown
It shakes the trembling gates of hell
Shakes the trembling gates of hell

Looking back through history
See the flame there in our midst –
The word run swift from Tyndale’s hand
The blazing coal touch Whitefield’s lips
Wesley’s heart with God’s grace burning
General Booth is trained for war
One hundred thousand lost souls turning
Just like Evan Roberts saw.

Jesus, Lord, you do not change
Yesterday, today – the same
We have heard of your great deeds
Send revival in our day
We are standing where they stood
In the weakness that they knew
All we have are empty hands
And hearts that long to burn for you
Hearts that long to burn for you

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Israel’s Praise (Psalm 22)

Like us they were tempted to doubt and deny
An Indie Rock Lament
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My God, my God
Why have you forsaken me?
So far from saving me
So far from the sound of my cry
My God, My God
Don’t you hear when I pray to you?
Wasting my breath just to
Call out for help day and night?

And yet…

Our Father’s trusted you, Israel’s Praise
And never regretted the choice that they made
So we will trust in you too
Like us they were tested, like us they were tried
Like us they were tempted to doubt and deny
But still they trusted in you
And we will trust in you too
Israel’s Praise

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Faithful And True

Help us remember, you never forget
The promises made to your children

Here’s a new song folks, fresh out the box! Faithful And True is celebration of God’s faithfulness with a big chorus and a bluesy feel. It might work gospel style too. (Or polka, thrash metal or alt country. Download the chord sheet and give it a try!)

The chorus has been hanging around since 1997 and has survived a key change and several time signature changes, but the verses are a result of recent digging through the Bible (mostly Isaiah & Psalms) to see what it says about God’s trustworthiness and care, and some helpful feedback from you the readers (give yourselves a pat on the back).

If you like the song, share it on Facebook or Twitter using the buttons or just generally pass the mp3 around. And please please PLEASE leave me a comment. You encouragement is so valuable to me!

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When we were children you taught us to stand
You carried us when we grew tired
And even in old age, you carry us still
Like a lamb in the arms of her shepherd

In each day of trouble, you keep us safe
Sheltering us with your presence
Why should we fear that the earth will give way?
You’ve promised to always be with us

Your love endures,
Your love endures,
Forever and ever and ever

Lord you are faithful and true
Your name is Faithful and True
Faithful in all that you do
You never leave, you never forsake us
Righteous in all of your ways
Loving to all you have made
Forever you will remain
Faithful, faithful and true

Lord keep us blameless and strong ’till the end
We are weak and the devil is ruthless
Our confidence rests in your resolute will
To complete what you started within us

Your love endures…

Help us remember, you never forget
The promises made to your children
Our names are engraved on the palms of your hands
Jesus, You will not leave us as orphans

Your love endures…

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TU4TX (Thank You For The Cross)

TU4TX (Thank You For The Cross) was recorded during an Easter Service at Grace Church in 2008 but never released because it needed some serious remixing. But now here it is. Seriously remixed (well refixed is more like it).

The song was written in 1996. I rewrote the chorus melody and the verse lyrics in 2005 and rewrote the verse again in 2008. I really painted myself into a corner with the rhyme scheme and structure but a few people said it really moved them and that encouraged me to finish it.

The initial motivation was wanting to try to balance out the many sanitised portrayals of the crucifixion in movies and paintings. The cross was a bloody, sickening, humiliating spectacle… Mel Gibson had the same burden a few years later.

The song also predates the substitutionary atonement ‘debate’ that kicked off around the same time, so the emphasis on Christ dying FOR me wasn’t prompted by a need to state which theological team I was rooting for, but I’m glad to let that be known all the same.

The unusual title came out of the fact that my church already sang one song with ‘Thank You For The Cross’ as the title (Brenton Brown‘s excellent song from Vineyard UK’s Holy album) and another with it as the first line (Darlene Zschech‘s Worthy Is The Lamb, with it’s unusual “darlene darling of heaven” line). Though I felt my song covered some fresh ground the title didn’t. It was a happy accident that in writing songs I usually refer to them as acronyms. ‘Thank You For The Cross, Lord Jesus’ became TYFTCLJ became TYFTC became TU4TX.

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TU4TX Live mp3
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You Spoke The Stars (Mercy)

As promised here’s my new ‘Sovereign Grace flavoured’ worship song. I was aiming for a Psalm 8/Psalm 19 type of song, but one that doesn’t stop at how cool creation is, but gets to redemption through the cross.

You spoke the stars,
You spoke the seas,
You spoke the earth
And every creature that would be
You held the dust
Within your hands
And breathed your life into
The lifeless form of man

read the rest of the lyrics here

Click on the links to download the acoustic demo mp3, chord sheet or lyric sheet. A behind the song post will be coming soon, and hang on to your hats, ‘cos it’s a story that crosses continents and denominational divides!!!

(BTW With the lyric sheet I’m experimenting with a new format. Figuring that no one in this day and age is photocopying them onto acetates anymore I’ve laid the words out in clearly labelled sections ready to cut and paste into software programs like SongPro).

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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And don’t forget there’s lots more where that came from… more free songs by Matt Blick!

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The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment – mp3s, sheet music, pens, novelty hats…
What if Carlos Santana was your Sunday School teacher?

After posting the mp3 for my classic kids song “The Greatest Commandment” sometime in the late Jurassic period I’ve finally gotten around to posting most of the rest of the stuff I promised.

So feast your ears on the mp3 OR the mp3 backing track -perfect for Sunday school/youth churches with no musicians OR people that can’t stand my vocals. (if you can’t stand any of my playing or songwriting I’m hoping to post an mp3 of complete silence as soon as I clear it with John Cage’s lawyers).

Feast your eyeballs on downloadable Lyrics, easy play Chord Sheet and the slightly harder, but bodaciously jazzy, Recorded Version Chord Sheet.

It’s all free.

I will get around to doing a ‘behind the song’ post – expect that some time between The Beatles reforming and Jamaica winning Curling gold at the winter Olympics. And the ‘greatest cow-mandment’ 1/4-pounder will be in a fast food outlet near you just after that…

And if you love it, even slightly, leave me a comment – please!

Have you written any other killer songs Matt? 
Why, thank you for asking – yes I have. Would you like to hear them?
Boy would I ever!
Well here you go then young fella me lad!  Free songs by Matt Blick
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Healing Song

Healing Song is a song written for Grace Church Nottingham. It’s somewhat unusual in that it’s a ‘first person song’, sung from God’s perspective (like ‘Be Still And Know’ or ‘I, The Lord Of Sea And Sky’).

The song takes it’s inspiration from the healings in Matthew’s Gospel chapters 8 & 9. It’s been useful during ministry times and for building faith in the congregation.

Read the story ‘Behind The Song’

(Download this song for free!)

mp3, Chord Sheet, Lyrics

Healing Song (Son, Your Sins Are Forgiven)

Son, your sins are forgiven
Daughter your faith has healed you
Son, your sins are forgiven
Daughter your faith has healed you

With a word, with a touch
Power comes flowing out from me
And though some pressing round,
Are content just to be in the crowd
Your touch mixed with faith draws power from me
I’m willing, so willing
To save you and heal you

I can do even more than you ask me to…

© Matt Blick. Grace Church Nottingham 2007. (Download this song for free!)

mp3, Chord Sheet, Lyrics

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Great High Priest

Great High Priest is a simple mid-tempo worship song based on Hebrews 7:26-27 and was the first song I wrote for Grace Church Nottingham in 2004. We’ve been singing it there ever since.

Read the story behind the song here

(Download this song for free!) 

mp3, Chord Sheet, Lyrics

Jesus, Holy One
Jesus, Blameless One
Totally pure, set apart from sinners
Now you are exalted above the heavens

Jesus you’re my great high priest
The only one who meets my need,
My need to be forgiven & set free.
The anger of a Holy God
Defamed by all the wrong I’ve done
You took upon yourself so willingly
When you sacrificed your sinless life for me.

Great High Priest & Perfect Lamb.
Almighty God & Suffering Man.

© Matt Blick. Grace Church Nottingham 2004.

(Download this song for free!)

mp3, Chord Sheet, Lyrics

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The Weight Of Glory

My latest song is a meditation on 2 Corinthians 4:17-18. Verse 1 focus on the momentary/eternal contrast, verse 2 on ‘light’ vs ‘weight’ and verse 3 holds up Christ as our example as he endured the hours of torture and was in the tomb for 3 days, yet received a kingdom that without end.
Read the Behind The Song blog post
How long, O Lord, this story seems
Till you return, and then we’ll see
The strife that fills our mortal days
Barely fills the opening page
And each new chapter has in store
More glory than the one before

So let me count it joy, let me count it gain
To bear dishonour Lord, to suffer for your name
My troubles all will seem so light & momentary
When they fade into the dawning of eternity
And I feel the weight of glory rest on me.

When trouble tries to drag me down
Remind me trials prepare my crown
As coal is crushed to precious stone
So pressures will refine my soul
My destiny will not be dust
For what will be is glorious

So let me count it joy…

In agony, with lonely cries
You hung beneath the blackened skies
The crushing pain, the cross, the grave
Were measured out in hours and days
But none can fully comprehend
The kingdom that will never end

So let me count it joy
© Matt Blick, 2009.
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Song Of The Redeemed

At the moment I’ve got two songs in the works, a congregational song called You Spoke The Stars and a ‘whatever-you-call-songs-that-aren’t-sung-in-churches’ song called The Morning After The Day You Saved The World. I’m waiting on feedback from a few songwriting buddies on the former and have spent the last 2 weeks recording the latter.

Which one will make it to the blog (and you) first?

Whichever one you say giddyup to!

I had a small milestone this week – Song of the Redeemed made 50 downloads! It’s actually been one of the more popular ones I wrote for Grace Church (we even sung in our community group the other week) but it hasn’t really taken off on the blog. Maybe it’s because it’s an acoustic unplugged demo of a full band rocker, or maybe it’s because most of Grace Church already had the song by the time I started the blog (I used to email them everyone – can you believe that!).

Maybe I’ll do a full band demo one day.
Maybe it’ll get it a new lease of life through this post.
Maybe I will change my mind about the ending of Inception being lazy.

Who knows…

But for now you can read the new improved ‘behind the song’ post here or just jog your memory with the lyrics…

There is a song that even the angels cannot sing
One that belongs to those who were once the slaves of sin
A song of those who fought the light
Who chose the chains that bound them tight
Each one an enemy adopted as your child.
Jesus we sing to you the song of the redeemed
We are the ones that you bought back from our slavery.
From the depth of our sin to the height of your throne
How great is the range of your salvation song
Jesus we sing to you the song of the redeemed
There is a song no angel in heaven could compose
Sung by the ones with your image stamped upon their souls
Who sought the freedom you denied
Freedom to fall, freedom to die
My God you bought us back at such an awful price
This is a truth too great for one nation to express
Summon the choir you bought with your blood from every race
In every language, God, be praised
For every tribe the ransom’s paid
To every ruler, now your wisdom is displayed

Rev 14:3 / Rev 7:9-10; Eph 3:10

Are you sure you don’t want to download the song right now?

mp3     Chord Sheet     Lyrics     Behind The Song

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