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New Demo: Finger Puppet Man

He’s already wearing four
No big deal…
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Finger Puppet Man is obviously nothing more than a joke set to music. I wrote it during FAWM 2013 but the melody was naggingly familiar. I asked the FAWM community to help me identify it, and even though the only original lyrics I could remember were “dooby dooby dum dum”, eventually a fellow songwriter’s Dad recognised it as the theme song from the 1958 film Tom Thumb written by Peggy Lee and sung by Russ Tamblyn. So once I was definively rumbled I had to change it. It took 3 years but here it is.

The weird ‘backwards’ sound just before the vocals enter is my sweaty arm unpeeling itself from the front of the guitar twice (the guitar is double tracked). Gross. I know.

This song contains fingerpicking – which I hardly ever do (I hate the way many acoustic guitarists mindlessly fill up all available space with it) and the minor iv chord (Fm in the key of C) – which I mindlessly use ALL the time.

Musically the sweet melody with mumbly, whispery delivery reminds me of Nottingham band We Show Up On Radar (check em out)

Finger puppet man
Trying to choose the best 
puppet that he can
In the finger puppet store
But he’s not sure
So insecure

Finger puppet wife
Husband asks her if she thinks that it’s alright
He’s already wearing four
On his brightly coloured paw
But he puts on one more
And says,

“Does my thumb look big in this?
Does my thumb look big in this?
Does my thumb look big in this?”
And she says “No.
You look fine.
Can we go?”

Former Pupils Nottingham Sounds

3 Awesome Videos From Nottingham Artists

Nottingham is getting a well deserved reputation for exciting new music but some artists extend that to making great videos too. Here are 3 of the best.

Boat You Row – Seas Monster Eyes (Directed by Rob Gravenor)

Featuring former members of Tastebuds and Zadkiel, Sea Monster Eyes’ debut video won the grand prize at the 2Weeks2Make It 2013 film festival.

Hands Up If You Are Lost – We Show Up On Radar (Directed by Tom Walsh)

Andy Wright has a long history of making great videos but this is a high point

Two Devils – Dog Is Dead (Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond)

A much higher budget than the other two, but stunningly inventive all the same

Showing Up

Day 328: The Other Way Of Writing

So here’s the thing. I’m working on Silver aka Judas’ Song aka Better For Me and I’m still working off a page that I typed out in 2005, annotated with a million different scribbles from the last 6 years (sorry my exaggeration alarm just went off).

I’ve been greatly helped by Nicholas Tozier’s method of writing each section on a separate piece of paper (A5 is how I roll) that way you can rewrite without having to write it all and you can even swop bits around (still not sure verse 1 isn’t verse 2 and vice versa. HAH “VERSE – A” – you see what I did there?!?!?!).

That’s so cool and helpful. I wonder where T said it. Was it here? Anyways…

I’m losing perspective as you might expect with lyrics that are 6 years old and music that goes back to 1992! Some of the things that are ‘wrong’ with it have been wrong for nearly a decade. How will I know when I’ve finished? Or even near finished?

What I did was type up everything I’ve got so far. Hey presto! It’s finished song. (I’ve read that Brenton Brown does a similar thing too).Yes there are still sucky bits, but I can see the finish line from here now. I’m going to press ahead with fixes and then demo, which will act in pretty much the same way as the fake finished lyric sheet. Once it really is a song, rather than a potential song it will be easier for me (or anyone else) to see the wood for the trees.

And in other news, here’s a beautiful vid from Nottingham ‘band’ We Show Up On Radar. Some of it was filmed just round the corner from my house. Those flippin’ foxes are a real pest…

Download the song for free from the We Show Up On Radar Bandcamp page

I’ll be a Ghost from WSUOR on Vimeo.

Free download: Never Be Silent
Other free songs by Matt Blick

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