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Acoustickle @The Maze (Jun 27)

Had a great time playing as a duo with Rachel McClean and sharing the bill with Shelter Point, Daudi Matsiko and others.

I was a bit apprehensive being an ‘Electrickle’ artist but the odd keyboard and sampler appeared so I didn’t end up being the ‘pork pie at the bar mitzvah’. And I had the best banoffee pie I’ve ever tasted!

Set list was

1) Fingernails
2) [Everything Is] Broken/Brittle Bones (Frazer Lowrie cover)
3) Sweet Baby Hand Grenade
4) Count Me Out
5) Advice Regarding The Treatment Of Bullet Wounds no.2 – no demo yet but check out the video here
6) Let’s Build An Airport

The Lazy Pineapple were on hand to take some lovely photos

FAWM Set Lists

Open Mic @ The Maze, Nottingham (02/03/11)

Appeared in the corner near the piano at the Maze with the very talented Alex Hel among others. World premier of 4 FAWM songs, namely

You You You
Let’s Build An Airport
I Got Lost
If You’re Here This Morning

Thanks to Will @ The Maze.

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Set Lists

Open Mic @ The Maze, Nottingham (02/11/10)

Had a fun night at the Maze open mic night, and as a few people asked about the songs I thought I’d start putting up set lists and links

First Black President
The Ballad Of NDC
[Everything Is] Broken – World Premier! (Wrote this about 2 weeks ago and am still road testing, so there’s no download YET…sorry). Update 03/03/11 – click on the link already!

I enjoyed Marvin Brown‘s set.

Thanks to The Maze for loaning me a guitar.
Apologies to The Maze for breaking their guitar string.

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