Behind The Song

New Demo: Sweet Baby Hand Grenade

Pretty little weapon of mass distraction
The explosive truth about the Birds and Bees
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I wrote this song in 2013 and it instantly became one of my most popular songs, but that just made it harder to capturing on tape (well digital tape… OK ones and zeroes). Usually recording something tells you if it’s any good but the warm live response created self imposed pressure to make the recording outstanding. As you can hear I finally managed to shake that off and produce this very ordinary demo.

The initial inspiration was the birth of my eldest daughter. She was sleeping when we first brought her home and as she snoozed in her car seat on the floor in front our sofa my wife and I stared at her in shock. What do we do NOW? The next few years turned our lives upside down. Three more children followed, each with their own challenges, but nothing matched that initial terror of having a little human invade your life.

A few years later I overheard a guitarist in a local band say his partner was expecting their first child but he “wasn’t going to let that change anything.” I laughed like the veteran on his fourth tour of ‘Nam, listening to the bravado of a raw recruit.

A few years after that I heard Chris Robley of the CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast had his first child. I said having a baby is like someone taking a hand grenade and throwing it into the middle of your life (in a good way).

And then suddenly ‘songwriting magic’ and here we are.

Musically I was thinking Elvis Costello goes a little country.

Heart-broke grin on the face of my lover
“30 weeks left if you wanna run for cover”
We must have pulled the pin one Saturday night
But how can something so small wreck your whole life?

Nothing ever stays the same
Didn’t know how much you’d change me
You’re the best mistake I ever made
My sweet baby hand grenade

Sweet baby hand grenade
Sweet baby hand grenade
Look at all of the mess you made
My sweet baby hand grenade

My best friend said his wife is six months gone
Now her biological clock (tick tock!) – tickin’ like a time bomb
She’s calling last orders at the milky bar
Now it’s time to show the world what kind of man you are

Nothing ever stays the same
You’ve no idea how much they’ll change you
But the best mistake I ever made
Was my sweet baby hand grenade

Sweet baby hand grenade
Sweet baby hand grenade
Look at all the mess I made
With my sweet baby hand grenade

Pretty little weapon of mass distraction
So cute I can’t resist this tiny terrorist
Though we got no guarantees and no instructions
There’s nothing I would trade for my sweet baby hand grenade

Sweet baby hand grenade
Sweet baby hand grenade
Look at all of the mess you made
My sweet baby

Sweet baby hand grenade
You make me smile like an unexpected key change
Look at all of the mess we made
My sweet baby hand grenade

Live Video

Sweet Baby Hand Grenade – Live

Here’s me rocking out to a very warm crowd at Bunker’s Hill in Nottingham – lyrics provided at no extra cost

Live Video Videos

Sweet Baby Hand Grenade Live In The Studio

They took it down and now it’s back up. Here’s me playing (the still unreleased) live favourite Sweet Baby Hand Grenade – live in session for Trent Sound Radio.

You can also check out the radio debut of Me And The Devil on Robin Hood Radio here and hear Steve Oliver pull me up on my grammar…

Song Vault

Sweet Baby Hand Grenade

Sweet Baby Hand Grenade is a popular live track that I still haven’t gotten around to recording. For now you can watch me performing the track live at Trent Sound Studios for their Sunday Alternative show

And you can download the audio from the session here

Set Lists

Set List: Golden Fleece Open Mic 01/04/13

Played my first gig since the EP was released – an open mic at Nottingham’s Golden Fleece hosted by Adam Peter Smith and Marc Reeves who has his own album out

I played

Fingernailsfree download
Let’s Build An Airportfree download (Noisetrade)
Sweet Baby Hand Grenade – world premiere – no demo yet – sorry!
Brother Bulldownload from Bandcamp

Sweet Baby Hand Grenade went down well which was nice!

I’m hosting another First Tuesday Songwriting Group tomorrow in Nottingham and supporting Red Sea at the Guitar Bar/Hotel Deux on Thurs night.

Other demos here

FAWM Let's Build An Airport EP

Single Prop Planes And Grown Up Kids


Trying to blog regularly. In an idea world I’d have everything neatly compartmentalised, but guess what? – it’s not an ideal world! Everything Is Broken as the song goes.

Single Props

Was really nice to get featured on the Nusic Podcast. There are interesting tracks from Blind Caves, Gallery 47Yunioshi and Esther Van Leuven (who has a great voice). I’ve been sending stuff for a couple of years and had almost given up on getting any airplay. The old saying is you should never take “no” for an answer but I’m not sure. However with the EP I’ve resolved to never take ‘no answer’ for an answer and keep bugging people till they say no. And it’s kind of working.

Had some really nice comments from about the single from Nottingham artists Them Balloons, Frazier Lowrie and The Gorgeous Chans. The Let’s Build An Airport video that someone made from Disney clips has been well received and I think it’s approaching 200 views. I hear there might be another on the way.

New Communication

The band I’ve been coaching got airplay on BBC Introducing (here at 1:24:02 (time) till 13-03-13 (date)) and had their single launch last night. Sadly I was too ill to attend but I’m hoping to make a video session on wed and the BBC Introducing gig on thurs.

Former Pupils

It’s a real pleasure to keep coming across former pupils who are now in bands. As well as New Communication drummer Charlie, who I used to teach in beginner pop workshop when he was so tiny you could barely see him over the tom toms, I found out (from a LeftLion interview) that I used to teach Joel Peat from Lawson at the same saturday music school, Frankie Rudolph played drums in a Junior School rock band I ran and I taught members of Goldsmiths at secondary school.

Let’s Build An Airport EP

I’m previewing a track a day from the EP till the release next monday. Here’s Brother Bull.


That’s what I’m here for right? Finished a crazy victorian flamenco comedy song called Shrove Tuesday and am putting together a lo-fi 17 track album of songs I wrote with School kids for FAWM called Blast Off To Crazy Planet. I want to go back to the finished but unrecorded songs like Sweet Baby Hand Grenade, Hammer Down The Raised Up Nail, A Conversation With Death and Set In Stone. And I’ve finally got the Beatles Songwriting Academy train back to a full head of steam.