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I Got Played: NUSIC Podcast (ep 196)

I was thrilled to be featured on the latest Nusic podcast with the title track of my EP ‘Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky’ alongside such great Nottingham musicians as Bru-C, Trekkah and Ed Reisner (who were all part of the Afterdark Movement collaboration I did last year) and Alice Short – a great local rapper/poet. New to me were We Are Carnivores – but after hearing their intriguing Zappa flavoured sound I fired up the internets and bought their EP.

Download the Nusic Podcast here.

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News May 2016

I was honoured to have my rap track My Ride (download it here) featured on a recent episode of the NUSIC New Music Podcast (ep 127) with a whole bunch of great Nottingham artists including Mez who did a ‘real’ Nottingham rap and A Dee – who I worked with briefly when he was a member of Deeper Than Forever.

Download the episode here

I also got to throw in my 2 cents on a songwriting roundtable with heavy hitters like Gary Ewer, Ari Herstand and Kevin Thomas over at the One Minute Song website

Read the post here

FAWM Let's Build An Airport EP

Single Prop Planes And Grown Up Kids


Trying to blog regularly. In an idea world I’d have everything neatly compartmentalised, but guess what? – it’s not an ideal world! Everything Is Broken as the song goes.

Single Props

Was really nice to get featured on the Nusic Podcast. There are interesting tracks from Blind Caves, Gallery 47Yunioshi and Esther Van Leuven (who has a great voice). I’ve been sending stuff for a couple of years and had almost given up on getting any airplay. The old saying is you should never take “no” for an answer but I’m not sure. However with the EP I’ve resolved to never take ‘no answer’ for an answer and keep bugging people till they say no. And it’s kind of working.

Had some really nice comments from about the single from Nottingham artists Them Balloons, Frazier Lowrie and The Gorgeous Chans. The Let’s Build An Airport video that someone made from Disney clips has been well received and I think it’s approaching 200 views. I hear there might be another on the way.

New Communication

The band I’ve been coaching got airplay on BBC Introducing (here at 1:24:02 (time) till 13-03-13 (date)) and had their single launch last night. Sadly I was too ill to attend but I’m hoping to make a video session on wed and the BBC Introducing gig on thurs.

Former Pupils

It’s a real pleasure to keep coming across former pupils who are now in bands. As well as New Communication drummer Charlie, who I used to teach in beginner pop workshop when he was so tiny you could barely see him over the tom toms, I found out (from a LeftLion interview) that I used to teach Joel Peat from Lawson at the same saturday music school, Frankie Rudolph played drums in a Junior School rock band I ran and I taught members of Goldsmiths at secondary school.

Let’s Build An Airport EP

I’m previewing a track a day from the EP till the release next monday. Here’s Brother Bull.


That’s what I’m here for right? Finished a crazy victorian flamenco comedy song called Shrove Tuesday and am putting together a lo-fi 17 track album of songs I wrote with School kids for FAWM called Blast Off To Crazy Planet. I want to go back to the finished but unrecorded songs like Sweet Baby Hand Grenade, Hammer Down The Raised Up Nail, A Conversation With Death and Set In Stone. And I’ve finally got the Beatles Songwriting Academy train back to a full head of steam.