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Day 155: Tape 51 Where Are You?

For the last few days I’ve been on a creative crawl suffering from an acute case of post-demo depression. There were complications in the delivery – the little boxes where you snap audio to in Garageband disappeared in the home stretch meaning every audio file was in danger of moving if I just touched the track pad at the wrong moment. I have NO IDEA why that happened, but it is the third time Garageband has weirded out on me during a major project. Also my new Tascam audio interface was constantly crackling through the play back though thankfully the sound of a hot panful of digital bacon didn’t end up on the track.

There’s often a post-writing mood of “I will never write another song” to be battled through, but I was so mentally fried that I finished song 32 and felt like a complete failure.

I’ve been dipping my toe back in the water by sorting through some old files, digital and otherwise, with some interesting results.

I found 2 studio demos, pleased by how much my singing has improved. OK, before you flame me – I didn’t say my singing is any good now. I just said I’d improved.

Found early versions of More Than I Could Say and Brother – complete yet totally different tunes which I had little or no memory of. This is why it’s so important to use a system like GTD to keep track of all your ideas in a meaningful way. What’s the point of capturing all your ideas if you never revisit them?

My tapes dry up around 2000 and stop altogether around 2004. I was writing less then, but also I’d fallen in the digital analogue ditch. I was using CDs almost exclusively but had no way to record digitally. Result? No songs.

Done tapes 48-50. Just have to find tape 51…

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More Than I Could Say

More Than I Could Say (2008) Worship Song

You have called me your friend, when I was happy to be your servant.
Aminor key worship song with a big chorus. My most popular song at my home church.

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You have called me your friend
When I was happy to be your servant forever,
Set a crown on my head
When all I wanted to be was loosed from my chains.
You have made me your child
When all I wanted to do was follow your Son.
You poured out your love
When it was enough that you held back your anger.

More than I could say, more than I could ask
More than I could dream, everything you made me
More than I could hope, more than I could know
More than I could hold – everything you gave me
I love you because you first loved me, my God

You have called me a saint
When I just wanted to change things I was ashamed of.
Made me shine like a star
When all I wanted to do was flee from the dark.
Gave me good news to preach
When I was glad just to be one who believed,
You gave me a song
When it was enough that you ended my weeping.

More than I could say…

I love you because you first loved me,
Called & chosen before the stars came to be
Predestined in love to love you freely.

How great is the love that you lavish on us,
That we should be called the children of God
And that is what we are!

More than I could say…

Jn 15:15; Lk 15:19; Eph 3:20; 1 Jn 3:1; Php 2:15-16; Ps126:6.

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