Showing Up Writing With Kids

Day 170: Numbers, Numbers

Oh boy I so suck at blogging. But the truth of the matter is I’ve been trying to write. So that’s some comfort.

Here’s some catch up.

80 Girlfriends

First I did another song with a pupil. The challenge was to write something to help him learn the 8 times table in a non obvious way. The result was 80 Girlfriends. I won’t be putting it on my download page but you can hear it here.

At 1 o’ clock I met Kate she was my girlfriend number 8
At 2 o’ clock I met Christine, she was girlfriend number 16

you get the picture

the chorus is

All my girlfriends keep on multiplying

(see what I did there?) Anyway I wrote during a half hour guitar lesson, limiting myself to the 3 chords the pupil knew.

Imagine my embarrassment when the secretary at another school was printing a rota off my memory stick and came across a file marked 80 Girlfriends. Hard to explain.

8 Posts

I’ve been trying to blog my way through Abbey Road over at Beatles Songwriting Academy and I’m on the home stretch and trying to rush through the 8 posts on Something.

34 Songs

Song 34 is called Never Be Silent. I’m really battling with becoming more emotionally honest and it’s a tough process. Last night I asked myself and God (it called prayer) can I really say that about you? I think I can as it’s only things that are clearly there in the Bible but we gloss over things so easily. Psalms is becoming a new book to me as I see in those scriptural songs things no one would dare put in a worship song. Just in case I’m getting too normal I’m also trying to incorporate some ideas from Bulgarian vocal music.

2 Free Albums

I wish I was a better blogger then I’d tell you all about Josh Garrels’ free album which is cool, interesting, right off the beaten track, and far too long for me to be able to tell you whether it’s any good or not yet.

I’d also tell you about the free live album from The Civil Wars which is really growing on me after I got over the frustration of having to download it 3 times before it worked properly (I’d just download it track by track if I were you) and the free track Barton Hollow which I love (after I got over the frustration of it being in mp4 format and it causing my computer to crash a couple of times when I tried to move the file). You need to scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address.

But I won’t. I’m too busy.

The Civils are supporting Adele on her UK tour and doing two headline gigs too.


Yep that’s right. I’ve checked my stats for the first time since mid March. Just over 3000 mp3 downloads of my songs so far. That’s pretty amazing.


I’m sorely tempted. I had such a good time with FAWM but I have to work out some kind of fence around my writing to stop it spilling over into every area of my life.

Oh and Sharon Goldman at Songwriting Scene gave me plug in a post on nonsense. I speak it like a native.

Free songs by Matt Blick