Steampunk Stories, Major Label Icari & All My Friends Are Dead

Having been focusing on getting a system for capturing old ideas and finding them again, it was interesting to read Tom Slatter‘s post a brand new old song and why you should never throw away songwriting ideas – the perfect chorus for that song you’re struggling to finish may already be sitting in your files.

Matthew Ebel‘s  post The re-humanization of music argues that the music biz has been crippled not by kids with the BitTorrents and the WiFi’s, P2Peeing all over my lawn but by fostering the illusion that regular human beings don’t make [music], rock stars do. There’s no emotional or personal connection with the human being that made that album on that torrent site, so it’s much easier to download it without feeling guilty.

Eric Pazdziora has a hilarious collection of gruesome christian album covers on his blog (and it’s not the first time either). Seeing is believing.

I’m quite taken with this one though.

I think I used to own it. Several copies of it in fact.

By the way – I found tape 51

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