Behind The Song

While You Sleep The World Still Turns Without You

During the time you are unconscious planet Earth continues it’s rotational cycle independently of your will or observation. (So get over yourself).
M.C. Escher is my favourite MC.
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Behind The Song

Written for FAWM 2011 as part of a challenge to write using the I-V-vi-IV chord progression, this was my second ever FAWM song. It cycles through all 12 keys (and then some) backwards through the circle of fifths. The progression is D – A/C# – Bm – G, then G – D/F# – Em – C etc.

The I-V-vi-IV and all variations thereof is the most overused chords sequence bar none, indeed shortly after writing this I banned my self from using it and have only used it 2 or 3 times in the last 6 years. But I had the idea to have the patterns overlap, with the last chord of the first progression become the first chord of the next progression. Or to put it another way, the IV chord of the first key becomes the I chord in the new key. Or to put it yet another way, to trick you into thinking you’re hearing a four chord pattern when it’s really a series of three chord pattern as follows

D A/C# Bm
G D/F# Em
C G/B Am
F C/E Dm
Bb F/A Gm
Eb Bb/D Cm
Ab Eb/G Fm
Db Ab/C Bbm
Gb Db/F Ebm
B F#/A# G#m
E B/D# C#m
A E/G# F#m

and back to

D A/C# Bm

For the lyrics I wanted something circular in nature. I started singing “life is like a wheel” but I came up with this and thought it was more meaningful

While You Sleep
The World
Still Turns

(repeat till drowsy)

Behind The Song

NEW SONG: The Kindest Person I Know

Your mercy burnt bright in the darkness
She’s a keeper
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I’ve been married 23 years. Want to know my secret? I found an amazing woman and married her. Easy. One of her many good points is she’s so kind. And I think kindness is underrated today. I was going to write her a note saying as much but the note turned into a poem and the poem turned into a song. The bridges betray the poetic origin as they’re just verses sung to a different tune but I think (hope) the words do enough of the heavy lifting for it not to matter. I think the image of love going to the vanishing point might appear in The Message translation of the Bible.

Having written the song on acoustic guitar with top E dropped to D (and then everything dropped a semitone to suit my vocal range) I didn’t know to how to arrange it. So I used it as a lab experiment on my menagerie of instruments. I dug out the uke and cymbala and violined (volume swelled) a fuzz bass (through a Mesa Boogie Sans Amp). I also used my sister’s old accordion and my godfather’s alpine zither. I’ll never be able to play the latter properly but, holy moley! What incredible bass notes you can get.

I was drowning the day that you found me
Embraced in death’s dark undertow
You held onto me for dear life, dear
You’re the kindest person I know

Never once did I wear out your patience
Or your flame of compassion burn low
Your mercy burnt bright in the darkness
You’re the kindest person I know

There is love that can touch the horizon
That will follow wherever I go
Your care keeping pace to the vanishing point
The kindest person I know

Through channels of sister and motherhood
To strangers both highborn and low
To creatures and children and elderly
You’re the kindest person I know

Wouldn’t trade for a much younger model
I don’t care how fast newer ones go
They don’t make em now like they used to
You’re the kindest person I know

There is love that descends many fathoms
To the depths that can crush a man’s bones
Where the air and the light cannot reach me at all
Your kindness will reach me I know

From what boundless underground river
Does the life-giving fountainhead flow
The source of your stream undiscovered
I bless for the kindness you show
You’re the kindest person I know