MAWM 2015

Welcome to the MARCH Album Writing Month page!

Here Are All The Songs From 2015 – click to listen, right-click to download. Enjoy!

Hate Duet (Everything About You) – Rameesha/Owen/Subhaan/Ismael/ William/ Ruby/ Liza/ Conor/ Caitlin
Why Won’t You Listen To Me? – Ben/Seb/Kira/Leshay/Heather/Kaydi/Jessica/Martha D/ Martha L/Daisy/Ella (FW)
Don’t Put That In Your Mouth – Emily/Zakary/Sadie/Alex (FW)
The Big Fat Idiotic Chicken – Leo/Robert/Yashas/Noor/Ethan (FW)
I Wanna See My Brother – Hempshill Hall
Blues No.1 – Sam M
The Epic Swimming Song – Fernwood Infants Ukelele Club
My Goldfish – Will/Ruby/Conor/Caitlin (FW)
Pizza! – Dylan/Igor/Rosa/Tyrus/Makada/Beau/Norah/Millie (WH)
Chase Through Time – Dominic/Harry/Evie/Nicholas/Joshua/Theo/Drew/Lily/Tilly-Rose/ Eden/ Ama/Towdah (FW)
I Wanna See … Man Utd (Remix) – Hempshill Hall

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