Dig Down Deep To Normal (FAWM 2014 Album)

Dig Down Deep To Normal will be available for download on Mar 31st 2014 right here! Written and recorded for February Album Writing Month (FAWM) by Matt Blick with pupils from Fernwood Junior School (FJS), Walter Halls Primary School (WHPS), Heathfield Primary School (HPS) and Hempshill Hall Primary School (HHPS) plus special guests, the album features 12 new song, 3 bonus tracks and a pdf with full album credits

(Click on song titles to play. Right click on song titles to download)

1. Midnight Curry Feast – WHPS & FJS ft. Mr Holroyd
2. Stuck in a TV – FJS
3. Gates Of Hell – Kill Tommy (FJS Rock Band) with Harry V. ft. Juha Keränen & Sean Ryder
4. Time To Go – FJS & HHPS
5. Mr Curry Man – FJS, HHPS & WHPS
6. Brussel Sprout Blues – FJS
7. Rock Your Brain
8. All About Ellie – HHPS & FJS
9. YouTube Blues – FJS ft. Mr Holroyd
10. Inja A Ninja – FJS
11. Fighting A Squid (Pacific Mix) – FJS & WHPS ft. Ayesha K
12. Yo Ho Ho Hasslehoff – FJS & WHPS

Bonus Tracks

13. The Rock And Roll Monologues – HPS
14. Fighting A Squid (Atlantic Mix) – FJS & WHPS ft. Alex McD
15. Gates Of Hell (Guitar Greeting Edit)

PDF Liner Notes/Album Credits

This album is provided FREE for your listening pleasure but if you would like to make a donation via paypal here or by clicking the donate button (scroll down – it’s on the right hand side of the screen). Or alternatively you can help out by purchasing my EP Let’s Build An Airport from iTunes, Amazon or many other places

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