FAWM 2013

All my cowrites with Pupils aged 8-10 are now gathered together on the album Blast Off To Crazy Planet – available from Bandcamp here.

MaNiJa FINAL MIX mp3 (with Nick and Jacob)
My Pet Rex FINAL MIX mp3 (with Abbie-Leigh, Joshua, Faris, Christian, Max and Jack)
Fun Foods FINAL MIX mp3 (with Dejonae, Adina, Jade, Dylan, Igor and Ashleigh)
I Live In A Mad World FINAL MIX mp3 (with Megan, Yasmin, Emily, Michael, Jacob and Sophie)
Batfish (The Shark Knight Rises) FINAL MIX mp3 (with Rosie, Jai, Isabel, Alexander, Hollie and Arthur)
Medieval Guitar Teacher FINAL MIX mp3 (with Sam, Ruby, William, Liza, William and Nyiah)
The Only One In My Heart FINAL MIX mp3 (with Mathilde, Luisa, Milly and Mia)
You’re Not Here FINAL MIX mp3 (with Joel and Millie)
Tree Of Life FINAL MIX mp3 (with Matthew P feat. the Heathfield School Choir)
Hamster Outta Control FINAL MIX mp3 (with Ayesha, Harry, Joshua, Sam, Alexander and Daisy) mp3
Hairy Brian’s House Of Horror FINAL MIX mp3 (with Rowan, Isabelle, Kaycie, Simran, Mia and Max)
Living Life FINAL MIX mp3 (with Alvaro, Karam, Stephanie, Corey, Ben and Zain)
Wah Wah Pedal FINAL MIX mp3 (with Caitlin, Millie, Edward, Tony, Marisa and Stevie)
Random Song FINAL MIX mp3 (with Cody, Jess, Safah, Maya, Nell and Amari)
21 Song FINAL MIX mp3 (with Oliver, Alfie, Max, Lauren, Madelaine and Alana)
Song Of Love FINAL MIX mp3 (with Rosa, Tyrus, Makeda, Keira & Beau)

The following are rough demos of my songs – I’ll hopefully get round to rerecording them at some point!

Best Seat In The House mp3
Beautiful Thing mp3
Finger Puppet Man mp3

All previous FAWM songs

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