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Here’s a small selection of people I’ve taught over the years. Every single one of them has achieved what they have through their own talent and hard work, and the contributions others, but I’m honoured to have played even a limited part in their musical journey…

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Isaac Anderson (In Hindsight)

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Isaac attended several rock band workshops I led over a couple of years, bouncing between drums, guitar and vocals and displaying his talent and passion on all of them. He’s now showcasing his impressive guitar and songwriting chops with In Hindsight.


Danny Bligh (As December Falls)

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As well as having guitar lesson with me for a few years at secondary school, Danny was part of the Advanced Guitar Group, and played in the pit band for We Will Rock You. He never missed a single lesson!

Kristian Bradley (Savage)

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Kristian had private lessons with me for a couple of years and went on to join Savage, a band who’s claim to fame is that Metallica covered one of their songs!


Simon Broomhead (Sea Monster Eyes/Tastebuds)

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I taught Simon privately for a couple of years, introducing him to the Beatles, when he asked to learn Michael Jackson’s cover of ‘Come Together’. He will always be remembered for having a case that made his guitar smell like sick. He went on to form Tastebuds with another former pupil, Phil Grafton.


Jake Buckley (The Money)

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I taught Jake at secondary school, on and off for two years. My main contribution was helping him with the solos for Pink Floyd’s The Wall, which he performed as part of a school production. As well as being the guitarist in The Money, Jake also gigs and records regularly as a solo singer/songwriter.


Sarah Louise Davies (Hepburn)

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Sarah attended a Saturday morning rock band workshop I ran for around 4 years which led to me producing her first demo. She went on to join Hepburn who signed to Columbia , had three UK top 20 singles and appeared on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer soundtrack. Sarah later joined the Police (the law enforcement agency not the band).


Ben Elton (Drag The Lake)

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I taught Ben for two years at college on a BTEC popular music course.




Phil Grafton (Sea Monster Eyes/Tastebuds)

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I taught Phil for a few years. His band were runners up in the 2011 Future Sound Of Nottingham Competition and their debut album Tastebuds and EP Cage The Bird are available on iTunes. Phil also runs a regular open mic night in Sutton in Ashfield.


Dan Hardy (Amazing Planes)

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I taught Dan privately for a couple of years. He was the first person to ask to learn a song by Oasis. He previously played in C.F. Kane with his brother, Darren (who I also taught).


Dan Heathcote (Zadkiel/Void TV/Strangeling)

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I taught Dan privately for a few years and also at a Saturday morning rock band workshop. A prolific and original songwriter Dan is an alternate tunings Jedi.

Dan Knowles (Amusement Parks On Fire)

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I taught Dan briefly at college (as he hardly ever turned up!) on the same BTEC music course as Ben Elton. His band has released 3 albums on Invada, V2 and Filter and is based in Hollywood, California.


Fran Lubas (Amos/Temporary Asylum)

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Fran was already gigging when I began teaching him. Our lessons lasted a couple of years and focused on soloing.

Rob Lyons (Rankin Steady)

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I taught Rob both privately and at a Saturday morning rock band workshop.


Nathan Moore (Falling Upstairs)

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I taught Nathan guitar privately for several years. The first song he learned was Dammit by Blink 182 which he still occasionally performs with his band.


Joe Newham (The Bystanders)

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Joe had guitar lessons with me for several years at Junior school before he switched to bass. The Bystanders were recently featured in a Future Sounds Of Nottingham session.


Joel Peat (Lawson)

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Though I didn’t give him guitar lessons, Joel attended the saturday morning music school I taught along with guitar teacher William Langdale for several years, working with his band RedLemons and as part of the advanced guitar group. Throughout those years he switched between guitar & bass and was always a humble ‘team player’. He went on to be an award winning student at The Academy of Contemporary Music.


Danny Phillips (Engraved In Blood)

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I taught Danny for several years as part of a rock band workshop.


Frankie Rudolf

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Frankie played drums in a school rock band I taught when he was 10. He later made the jump to guitar playing singer/songwriter.


Andy Scruby (Pylon Less Wires)

MySpace   YouTube

Andy attended a week long band workshop with me where he wrote and recorded an original song. As well as going on to play professionally Andy is now head of music at a Secondary school.


Jordan Spencer (Sychatrissi/Evil Scarecrow)

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I taught Jordan at secondary school in both private guitar lessons and also drums as part of a pilot scheme teaching whole class rock band for the musical futures project.


Joe Strange (Joe Strange Band)

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Joe had private guitar lessons with me for several years. I told him learning to sing and play would increase his chances of getting in a band. He took me at my word and ended up becoming a lead vocalist. His fifth album A History Of Birds will be out sometime this millennia. 

Tom Towle (Kappa Gamma)

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I taught Tom at several week long rock band workshop over number of years, starting when he was 12 and was in a band with his big sister! After several years of switching between guitar and bass he is now lead singer and guitarist in Kappa Gamma.

Martyn Wells (Privateers)

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I taught Martyn for a few years privately. He now is lead singer and guitarist in a Privateers, a really original band with three guitarists and no bass player.


Ben White

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I taught Ben and his band at a Saturday morning rock band workshop for a few years. He is now a Secondary school music teacher in Birmingham.


Matt Wood


Matt had private guitar lessons with me for a few years. As well as playing in a covers band he is a talented singer/songwriter. He wrote the humourous song Kirkby Guitar Blues about his time learning guitar with fellow student Joe Strange.



If you’re featured here and would like me to update your entry, or you’re a former pupil and want to be featured (or just want to say “hello”!) send me a message via matt AT matt blick Dot Com).

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