My name is Matt Blick and I’ve been teaching since 1990. In that time I’ve taught hundreds of people from 6 to 60 to play guitar and bass.

As well as guitar I teach songwriting and coach rock bands. I’ve also taught african drumming, samba drumming, children’s orchestras, ukelele groups and even a bhangra band!

On top of private teaching I’ve worked for a pupil referral unit and taught at nurseries, junior/infant schools, secondary schools, colleges, recording studios, churches and adult ed evening classes.

I’ve performed in pubs, nightclubs, schools, libraries, old peoples homes, leisure centres, swimming pools, speedway stadiums and on army, airforce and submarine bases.

Many former pupils are successfully gigging and recording, some are signed to record labels, perform internationally or have appeared on national TV. Some teach music professionally and others just play music for the fun of it! You can read about a few of them here

I use 30 years of experience as a professional musician to tailor lessons to suit the individual abilities and goals of each student.

To find out more about private lessons in Nottingham or workshops, seminars or consultations in the UK please send an email to

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