Former Pupils Humour Young Musicians

The Flamingos Of Chaos

I used to teach a band of crazy 10 year olds called Exploding Penguins.

Today I found some old sheets with the (very long) shortlist of rejected names. Here’s a few of my favourites. Think of it as a window into a 10 year old mind.

Flaming Thunder
Exploding Hummus
Talk To The Hand Cos The Face Ain’t Bothered
Banana Plunderers
The Viscous Potatoes
Kacey And The Braindead Doofuses
The Flamingos Of Chaos
Tunnels Of Hell
The Best Band In The World

There’s some helpful advice on naming your band here

Great Bassists Great Guitarists Homework Young Musicians

Amazing Child Musicians

One of the terrible things about the internet is it brings you face to face with your own inadequacies and failures. No matter what you excel at, there’s someone out there who’s way better than you, even though they’re not old enough to shave yet. Here are a few mutants wonderfully talented young people.

8 yr old banjo player Jonny Mizzone plays Earl Scruggs’s Flint Hill Special with the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys (aka his brothers Robbie (12) and Tommy (13) on fiddle and guitar). FB

The Mini Band play Enter Sandman by Metallica. These metalheads are all 8 to 10 years old. FB

Elder statesman Brazilian bassist Michael Pipoquinha was 13 yr old when filmed here. Notice the other players watching him closely? That’s cos he’s leading the band!

Finally let’s not beat around the bush. The North Korean Children’s Guitar Ensemble performance of “Our Kindergarten Teacher” is creepy. Someone get them some half size guitars, Stat!

Got any favourite young players to share?