Playing Live

Drugs Are Bad

Here’s Steven Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen’s right hand man, on how you can still rock out 31/2 hour concerts when you’re reaching retirement age…

A lot of people are surprised at his physical shape. You hear people joking and whispering at shows, “He’s gotta be on HIGH or something! How else can he be doing this at 62?”

There’s nobody at 22! What are you talking about? [Laughs] No … he’s the opposite of a drug-created monster. [Laughs] He’s in good shape by not doing drugs. It’s something he doesn’t have to preach about. He’s a living example of what happens when you never do drugs your whole life. [Laughs]

I mean, I’m sure he’s taken a drink or two a few times in his life, but he was never a drinker either. And he eats right and he’s in the gym. Well, that’s what happens. [Laughs] Don’t do drugs. Don’t drink, eat right, go to the gym and you can rock & roll at 62, too. [Laughs] It isn’t rocket science. This is real old fashioned common sense. [Laughs]

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