“A unique and eccentric talent…”

– Mark Del, NUSIC New Music Podcast

Matt Blick is singer/songwriter & musical educator from Nottingham, UK.

In 2013 he released Let’s Build An Airport and followed it up with Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky in 2016.

He was named on of the top 10 songwriting resources to follow on Twitter by CD Baby and he’s been blogging his way through the entire Beatles back catalogue since 2009 at Beatles Songwriting Academy.

This is what he’s up to right now.

Useful links

Posts on songwriting
Demo Vault – free songs
Former Pupils
Let’s Build An Airport Press Release
Information about lessons

You can interact with him on

Twitter – @RealMattBlick
Facebook – /RealMattBlick
Soundcloud – /Real-Matt-Blick
YouTube – /MattBlickDotCom
or by emailing him directly here

4 replies on “Matt”

Hi Matt,

I am a fellow songwriter and a big fan of your blog. Like
yourself, I’ve always enjoyed finding creative ways to approach songwriting and
I love thinking and discussing the subject. I found out about you by reading your guest post on Songwriting Scene. I’m a big Beatles fan and I loved that post. I’d never picked up on the mutated chorus techniques, but I’m looking to fit it into to a song soon!

I decided recently that I would start my own blog to vent
some of my thoughts about songwriting, share some songs and hopefully get a
discussion going with like minded people.. I’m very new to blogging so I just
wondered if you would be so kind as to have a browse over my blog and let me
know what you think? Any feedback is welcome! Here’s the link –

Keep up the good work. I’ll certainly keep reading.

Many thanks,


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