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Mountains? I’ve seen mountains!
If Weird Al was a poetry slam champion…It would sound nothing like this.
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Ever since I discovered Nottingham songwriter Simon J Curd (who records as Mountain Schmountain) I’ve been a fan. His minimalistic style is unlike anything I’d previously encountered and as I’m the kind of person who’d start a website analysing all 211 Beatles songs it’s not surprising I wanted to take the tunes apart to see what makes Mountain Schmountain tick.

It’s been a long standing goal to try to write a style parody in order to ‘get’ their very original approach and here it is. The elements I’ve isolated are

So that’s all, apart from quoting Pachabel’s Canon, getting in a pun on the name Mountain Schmountain and yes, that is a mistle thrush you can hear on the track. Hope you like it!

“Please hold, your call is important to us”
(yet more important to your potentially orphaned daughter?)

Finding Pachelbel’s Canon in D
(badly looped and bass – less)
unbearable in this indelible moment,
I focus on the mistle thrush
beyond my frosted window,
surprisingly accompanying in D
(always in D)
singing, “mountains? I’ve seen mountains!
And mountains are nothing special!
When life leaves you a mountain to climb…”

A click on the line,
my voice cracks to life.
The thrush takes flight
singing “…that is the end of this song”

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