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The Kanneh-Masons – Nottingham’s Got Talent

I was thrilled to see my former guitar pupil Sheku Kanneh-Mason on Britain’s Got Talent playing cello with his equally talent brother and sisters. They got through to the semi-finals, and as runners up often seem to have longer careers than the winners I think the future is bright!

Deep Vault Liverbard

Liverbard Sessions 3: Please Don’t Go Dr Zaf

Not only have Steven Gerrard and Glen Johnson moved on to other teams but Head Medic Dr Zaf Iqbal left LFC this season.

Appreciation Great Guitarists

King Of The Blues

I like almost every style of music in the world but I only love a few artist in each genre that really connect with me. In the blues those artists would be Sonny Boy Williamson (I and II), Howling Wolf, Robben Ford and B.B. King.

Sadly B.B. died today at the age of 89. He was an incredible singer and guitar player with perfect phrasing and a master of string bending. I remember being amazed at hearing a live recording of him singing How Blue Can You Get – when he got to the bridge “I gave you seven children and now you want to give them back” women in the audience screamed! (and you thought that started with the Beatles).

My Favourite songs are The Thrill Is Gone (which has a classy turnaround chord change), Help The Poor and How Blue Can You Get.

My favourite albums are Live At The Regal and Live In Cook County Jail.

And if you’re in the UK, BBC iTunes has a few free documentaries to stream Sounding Out (1972) and Arena (1985).

B.B. had a playful sense of humour (as demonstrated in the song below) – oh and he was a master of the ‘guitar face’…

A Blog's Life

MAWM Update

All the songs I wrote and recorded with pupils during March are online now – right here

Pretty cool huh?

A Blog's Life

This Is Not The End Of The World (But You Can See It From Here)

In the face of an almost certain Tory majority, this new demo of my 2014 FAWM song seem heartbreakingly apt…

listen/download This Is Not The End Of The World here

Song Vault

Not The End Of The World

Not many kiss the hurricane. Fewer live to tell the tale
None more black.
Download     mp3 demo     Chords (pdf)

Jesus save me from the ones
Who want to save me from myself
Who ask about my walk with God
But pray about my mental health
Cos I can’t pretend anymore

This is not the end of the world
This is not the end of the world

You used to be a metaphor
Now you’re like a simile
Can you tell me what this medal’s for?
It’s all my father left to me
And I can’t pretend anymore

This is not the end of the world
This is not the end of the world
But you can see it from here

Not many kiss the hurricane
Fewer live to tell the tale
Will she miss me when I’m gone?
Or go back to her maiden name?
I can’t pretend….I can’t pretend anymore…

That this is not the end of the world
I can’t pretend anymore…
I can’t pretend anymore…
That this is not the end of the world

EP Diary

EP #2 Diary – Part 6

Back in the studio at last! Tracking drums with multitalented (drummer / producer) Mark Nelson. Mark is currently putting the finishing touches to his own project Amazing Planes second album as well as drumming, engineering, producing, mixing and mastering Savage‘s double album Live And Lethal/Seven.