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Liverbard Sessions 2: No Goals

Woke up this morning with I’ve Got No Strings going round my head – must be something to do with seeing Age Of Ultron yesterday…

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FAWM Humour Lists

Funnest FAWM Feedback

FAWM is a perfect storm of witty articulate people who are totally burnt out, with makes for some great left field stream of conciousness comments when people are giving you feedback on your songwriting. Taken out of context they’re even better.

All these are genuine feedback comments on my songs from FAWM 15, from the last which I saw on someone else’s wall.

You have a great voice for romantic songs, and enough wit so that it is not sickening

Brother, you had me at GK Chesterton

This reminds me of Roddy in Flushed Away except it lacks a slug chorus

16-year-old you should be commended for his utter brazenness at some of the rhymes he chose. Current-day you should be commended for delivering them in a non-awkward fashion

I laughed all the way to the toilet!

My earballs quite enjoyed this

My first thought was, “If this were shorter it could be an e.e. cummings poem

Is it bad that I find this kind of funny? It’s the plaintive and varied repetition of “Oh God” that gets me. Maybe this transcends sorrow. Or maybe I’m just a horrible person

It’s almost painful, in a good way

LOL, you really do sound like you have nothing left! Question: did you almost laugh at 1:01 or was that just the life ebbing out of your body?

A work of blokeish romantic art!

I loved what you did with the last line. 
It’s like the ending to the Sixth Sense. Sort of

Makes me think of an artist who should be better known, Peter Himmelman. His album “Skin” spooked me so bad I gave it away, not because I disliked it, but because I liked it too much

Now that’s entertainment!

Oh….. yes melting into meltiness.. cheese on toast….. Fab fab fab

Like Larry Norman covering Roy Orbison

Something about the violent performance of an otherwise cheery tune was quite striking

It’s like George with the Maharishi of Narcissistic Meditation

A little wise-ass confrontation coming from the right place is always welcome

Murdered anyone lately?

There not really much else I can say, but I’m on my 2nd listen, and…. Pork! Individually wrapped Pepperoni’s!

“I got corned beef” – classic. The sausage monologue is cool

OMG, the “I’ll make you a sandwhich” verse. Matt, bless you

Must be the impending trombones and flutes and ethnic percussion. Also, you eat weird food

I think you may have earwormed me

Listening to this I see Sesame Streets puppets dancing to this before my inner eye

I enjoyed your voices and accents immensely. It did make me think of an alternate reality in which the lower South Island was settled by Damon Albarn

The question/answer bit reminds me of the “butter pie” part of McCartney’s Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey


Dude you know how like in school you would bust your ass to make a sh***y bicarb volcano, and then you bring it to class and some other kid has built a working nuclear reactor or some s**t? Listening to your music is a lot like that

You can hear the songs that inspired these comment here

Appreciation Nottingham Sounds

The Return Of Scorzilla The Gorilla

I’ll take a moment to speak about Scorzayzee  I don’t write enough about the music that really moves me because I want to do it justice and never find enough time to gather my thoughts. So this will be short but don’t let that fool you. I love this album – Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle. (Stream it on Spotify or buy it on Amazon).

Scorz has walked a hard road the last few years battling drugs, mental illness, media backlash. What I love about this album is the blend of spirituality, humour and honesty. A lot of artists are afraid to look stupid or weak. Others fear exposing their spiritual beliefs to potential ridicule. Others want to hide their embarrassing beginnings and create a myth of the perfectly formed artist suddenly appearing. But Scorz breaks all these taboos and sometimes on the same track.

It’s hard to do this album (and artist) justice but this double album – 28 tracks – is well worth your time and your money. I’ll say it again – Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle. Stream it on Spotify or buy it on Amazon).

FAWM Humour Lists

FAWM 2015: Best Liner Notes

Here’s a few of the funniest liner notes from my fellow FAWMers – just for fun!


  • I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention
  • Black coffee, affordable beer, Elliott Smith
  • The sweet harmony of the energy that flows through all living beings. Also, “Now That’s What I Call Music! Volume 37.”
  • Too many fawmers to mention, punctuation, my dad, and you, you eye-contact-avoidant son-of-a-gun
  • Leonard Hopskotch, Denzil Fromage, Dr Horsehammer and Frankie Glockensphere
  • Amateur musicians on YouTube. They pick up their guitar, look you in the eye, play their heart out for you, then casually lean forward and turn off the camera. They do all that for you? They don’t even know you! They rock!!

Biographical Notes

  • I use my guitar as an aerial and summon the evil spirits with it
  • Former xylophonist with Tex Ovary And The Animators who set Paris alight in the late 90s (and received appropriate jail time for doing so)
  • 1959 first cry, 1973 first kiss, 1978 first gig, 1990 first acting, 1992 first magic, 1993 first tour, 2000 first album, 2009 last marriage, 2010 first FAWM, 2011 last divorce, 2012 first novel, 2013 last man standing, 2014 last year (so far)
  • Alllooo! My name is @Errol! I’m lactose intolerant. I have a webcomic too
  • I am a happy person honest, but put a guitar in my hands and it seems to open up a musical portal to misery

Call To Arms

  • Fire up the tea machine
  • It’s 2015. Let’s pretend we know what we’re doing

Song Notes (aka “Parade of Caveats”)

  • Apologies for the ridiculous title; it happened and I couldn’t make it unhappen
  • I have a crush on A7
  • Urgh. I am SO done with being serious. You have been warned
  • My thought pattern went something like Devil’s Highway > Dante’s Inferno > 7 deadly sins > ….cheesecake
  • You never held it at the right angle
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