FAWM First Tuesday

Write More Better Songs Faster

If you’re a songwriter whose New Year’s Resolution is to write more songs, or write better songs or just write some songs full stop, then one of the best things you can do is join a songwriting group. These are places where you can preview new ideas in all their raggedy glory and get feedback and encouragement. Not only that, but the inherent deadline will force you to actually get off your sofa and write (unless you write on the sofa of course).

If you live near Nottingham there’s a monthly group called First Tuesday that I’d heartily recommend – because I host it! Because we’re artistic non-conformists, the first one of 2015 takes place on the second Tuesday of the month (Jan 13th). There’s lots more info here about how you can get involved.

But if you live anywhere else on the planet a great place to start would be February Album Writing Month. It’s free, it’s super positive, you don’t HAVE to produce an album, you don’t HAVE to write 14 songs, but aiming for that will certainly jump start your songwriting in ways you couldn’t dream.

More info here. If you’re even vaguely tempted head over there now and read up because the site is taken down and spring cleaned just before FAWM starts.