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The Bond Progression


Musos – help me out for a future blog post. Update: it’s done! Check it out here or here…

I’m Looking for examples of tunes by any band that has a chord progression that rises from the fifth chromatically

– e.g Em – C/E – Em6 (the rising notes are B C C#) – the famous James Bond intro.

Examples I already have are Glass Onion, Hey Bulldog and Savoy Truffle by Beatles, White America (Eminem), Hangar 18 (Megadeth), The Mission (Queensryche) and a few others.

Also what about the same thing in the major key? That would give you

E maj – Eaug  – A/E or E6

as heard in the Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) and Raining In My Heart (Buddy Holly).

Any help greatly appreciated!!!