Let's Build An Airport EP

Let’s Build An Airport – The Single!

The day has finally arrived – you can download my debut single from Noisetrade For FREE!

FAWM Nottingham Sounds

FAWM +10 – 11


Worked on some lyrics which I had a coffee in a pub. Nice break for half an hour from the stress of the day. Spent hours uploading my EP to Bandcamp and Noisetrade.


Working on songs at school with kids. Now have 17 in the works. And I won’t see these kids till March so I’ll have to post unfinished demos on FAWM and complete them in March. Then spent another couple of hours trying to upload my single to noisetrade. Sigh.

And apropos nothing. Here’s one of my favourite Nottm bands Mountain Schmountain

A Blog's Life Let's Build An Airport EP

Let’s Build An Airport – The Demos

Last chance for demos!

I’m getting very close to releasing my EP Let’s Build An Airport. The single will be available from Feb 14th and the EP goes on sale on Mar 18th. At the moment you can hear demos of all the tracks on my Song Vault page but I’ll be taking them down forever at the end of next week.

So whether you’re a Matt Blick completist or just a cheapskate here’s the direct links

[Everything Is] Broken – original ‘heavy metal’ version
I Got Lost – original FAWM demo
Let’s Build An Airport – 2nd demo
Better For Me If I’d Never Been Born – home demo
Brother Bull – ‘Live in the studio’ pre-production version with deleted verse and original coda.


FAWM +9 New Communication Breakdown

8 hours in the studio with New Communication recording two tracks for their debut single, released Mar 11th. Does that count as songwriting? Oh well. The kids did good. Much better than me at their age. But then I didn’t have a grizzled old rocker helping me out. Tomorrow I hand the reins to Ronika as she records the vocals.

A Blog's Life

A Few Thoughts On Les Mis

  • I’m not Hathaway fan but if Anne doesn’t get an Oscar I’m probably going to fly to Hollywood and kick everyone there in the nuts
  • Once was a game changer in the live singing in a musical stakes. Les Mis perfected that.
  • I cried. Often.
  • I still don’t like any of the songs. Which means it works as a really powerful drama where everyone just happens to sing all the time.
  • A musical where everyone sings all the time is called an Opera.

  • Sometimes you can shoot the kid.
  • It just shows you, when you have a great story you film is halfway there. When you have a great cast it’s 90% there.
  • I won’t be buying the soundtrack album but I would like to read the book.
  • It took me about 3 minutes to get used to the conceit of everyone singing all the time. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get used to the HFR 3D of the Hobbit.
  • I love how everyone in the poster is doing an intense smouldering look into the camera except Russell Crowe who’s doing that confused expression a dog makes when you pretend to throw the ball and hide it behind your back.



FAWM +6-8



Went to see Les Miserables at Les Cornerhouse – great film.
Checked new masters of I Got Lost and Brother Bull. They’re great. That means the album’s finished!
Then pre production/rehearsal with New Communication, the band I’ve been coaching for the last couple of months along with Ronika and Si Tew.


Teaching for 5 hours, rehearsals for We Will Rock You, then went to see my daughter Groucho acting in a production of Animal Farm.
And very sad to hear Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher is retiring.


It’s My Birthday!!!
Martin Quibell wrote me a song!

Did a full day’s teaching. I am sooo tired. Feeling bad about my lack of songwriting over the last few days but when I made a to do list of the kid’s songs I’m working on, I realised I have 16 songs in progress, everything from songs about favourite foods to Hamsters fighting in World War 2.


FAWM +5 Tree Of Life/Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Johannes

Not much to report today – loads of teaching. Only songwriting I did was with a 10 year old who is writing an amazing gospel song for his school choir. Hope we finish it in time for FAWM. His first attempt at lyrics was basically a rehashing of the plot of Cinderella but I managed to steer him way from that.

I got the artwork for my single (see above) and the second set of masters for the EP.

And I went to see Symphony Viva in the evening as a very belated Father’s Day present. Beethoven’s 5th is one of my all time favourite pieces of music and it didn’t disappoint. Arvo Part was interesting and I liked Haydn’s 70th. But Brahms had too much noodling and made me sleepy.


FAWM +4 I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Tough day, lots of teaching. Started numerous songs with kids at school. They constantly amaze me with their creativity. No two groups came up with ideas that were even remotely the same.

Struggling to write without the kids though. I’ve got several ideas percolating. A 3/4 gospel song based on a passage from a bible commentary. And a song based on dialogue from a bunch of films featuring people with amnesia. Neither are really taking off at the moment.

Feeling desperate cos I need to finish my artist bio too. But I’m off to do some commenting and listening to other FAWMers.


FAWM +3 Don’t Wake The Kids!

Sunday 1:33am

Haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s still Saturday night to me! Just written, recorded and posted song number 2 – the enigmatically title “Finger Puppet Man“. I really like it although I was trying to sing and play as quietly as I could so I wouldn’t wake the kids and just used an internal mic and an acoustic guitar (oh the horror!).

As Václav Kliment Klicpera might say, czech it out! It will only take 1:38 of your life.

Finger Puppet Man mp3

Other 2013 Fawm songs here


FAWM +2 – My Inner Critic Goes On Enforced Vacation


Finished first FAWM song last night. Today I have doubts about it’s originality, are some of the lyrics finished/correct etc.

But FAWM is a time for totally switching off any self criticism or quality control and just losing yourself in the process.

The downside is sometimes the songs just remain there in limbo come March time and never get revisited or revised. We’ll see.

I’ve got more songs to write!


On bus to pick up kids from grandma’s. Going through my folder of song starts, while listening to a hilarious episode of Filmsack. Up to ‘H’ and I’ve got plenty to work on and plenty to toss in the ‘what was I thinking? file’.