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Faithful And True

Help us remember, you never forget
The promises made to your children

Here’s a new song folks, fresh out the box! Faithful And True is celebration of God’s faithfulness with a big chorus and a bluesy feel. It might work gospel style too. (Or polka, thrash metal or alt country. Download the chord sheet and give it a try!)

The chorus has been hanging around since 1997 and has survived a key change and several time signature changes, but the verses are a result of recent digging through the Bible (mostly Isaiah & Psalms) to see what it says about God’s trustworthiness and care, and some helpful feedback from you the readers (give yourselves a pat on the back).

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When we were children you taught us to stand
You carried us when we grew tired
And even in old age, you carry us still
Like a lamb in the arms of her shepherd

In each day of trouble, you keep us safe
Sheltering us with your presence
Why should we fear that the earth will give way?
You’ve promised to always be with us

Your love endures,
Your love endures,
Forever and ever and ever

Lord you are faithful and true
Your name is Faithful and True
Faithful in all that you do
You never leave, you never forsake us
Righteous in all of your ways
Loving to all you have made
Forever you will remain
Faithful, faithful and true

Lord keep us blameless and strong ’till the end
We are weak and the devil is ruthless
Our confidence rests in your resolute will
To complete what you started within us

Your love endures…

Help us remember, you never forget
The promises made to your children
Our names are engraved on the palms of your hands
Jesus, You will not leave us as orphans

Your love endures…

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