FAWM Showing Up

Day 92: Switching Songwriting Diets

Dragged myself off to Shabby Road and worked on the Fat Flish song for half an hour. Boy it felt so good.

This whole year is a learning curve and here’s today’s insight.

It’s like I’ve been on a weight watchers diet. Then I suddenly switched to the Atkins diet for a month. Then I stopped. And got confused.

My original plan was “go to the studio and write everyday and finish one song at a time”.

My Feb plan was “write every possible moment I can, everywhere I can, as fast I can”

Then FAWM ended and I was lost.

So now I’m going back to plan A.

Lessons learned –

A songwriting plan is better than no plan.
A bad songwriting plan you do, is better than a great plan you don’t do.
Two songwriting plans are worse than one plan.

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