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Day 90: Fat Flish

Today I was back in the saddle on the bus and a park bench writing lyrics for a kids song that Harpo & Zeppo drew out of my overgrown garden shed of a subconcious that starts “I’m a little fat flish simming in the swea” – yeah I know, you’re gonna love it. But at least it is a song and I am writing it and finishing it and blogging about it. So result.

And just so you know

Day 89 was a wipeout – after visiting the white porcelian wishing well every half hour all through the night, my muse held her nose and said “I simply cahnt work under these condition dahling” and flounced off to bother Nicholas Tozier.

Day 85 was a wipeout in a good way cos I was rockin out at the Vauxhall Griffin Pub, in erm Vauxhall, London in the fine county of Londonshire at the FOP. That’s FAWM Over Party. WLA!*

Hosted by the erudite and criminally friendly Johnny Cashpoint we ate, drank, jammed and forgot our lyrics. Hoopshanks was the best at forgetting his lyrics and in fact is better forgetting his lyrics than the rest of us are when we remember them. I had a great time jamming with Morti, Sentense & Hoops, and took part in final jam session where I can confidently state I was playing the same chord progression at least one of the 6 alternatives happening simultaneously. I have no idea of the title. I suspect no one else has either.

A good time was had by all. There may be videos, photos or police statements to prove this at a later date.

Here’s my set list

Let’s Build An Airport
You You You – with Sentense
If You’re Here This Morning – with Hoopshanks

Scores on the doors at the end of March. I’ve written 87/90 days. 27 songs.

WLA!* = We Love Acronyms!

Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!
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