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Paula Carragher’s Brave Decision

In 1977 Paula Carragher was given some heartbreaking news. After having already suffered two miscarriages she was told that the unborn child she was now carrying had Spina Bifida, a serious birth defect of the spinal cord.

The doctors asked her to consider the option of having an abortion.

Strengthened by her Catholic faith, she refused, determined to care for the baby no matter how disabled it would be.

“Our Lord told me to have the baby”, is what she maintains to this day.

On 28 Jan 1978 her son, James Carragher, was born.

Later this afternoon (4 Sept 10) James (or Jamie as he is better known) will play his testimonial match at Anfield Football Stadium.


It’s a very special celebration of Jamie’s career playing for Liverpool Football Club. So far that career includes over 600 matches, 2 FA cups, 2 League Cups, 1 Champions League, 1 UEFA Cup, 2 European Super Cups, 2 Charity Shields and 1 FA Youth Cup as well as over 30 appearances for his country.

It’s an amazing achievement, made possible because one brave lady faced her difficult decision and made the right choice.

Thank you Paula.

(source, Carra: My Autobiography by Jamie Carragher & Chris Bascombe)


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