Punk Bagpipes

…or to be more accurate Christian ‘Oi! Punk’ bagpipes. welcome to the weird world of Flatfoot 56, hailing from Chicago, Illinois the Christian Oi Punk capital of the world.

Sadly their originality doesn’t extend to their online precence, all videos are ‘disabled by request’, so you’ll have to drag yourself over to youtube to watch them, but I think you’ll find them weirdly compelling.

Beat the drum saw them first

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Free Music

Free Serbian Funkster Download

If there’s somewhere less funky than Serbia on the planet then it has to be Switzerland but that hasn’t stopped Swiss/Serbian funkateer Vlada (Vladimir Tajsic) laying down some funkalicious sounds on Judge Not, though he’s a little bit close to being mistaken for Carman’s nephew if you know what I mean. Anyhoo, you can download for free courtesy of SoulAudio.Com

Can you dig it?

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Free Words

Desiring God Audiobook Free

Christian Audio is (are?) giving away the unabridged audiobook of the John Piper classic Desiring God during Nov. You’ll need the code NOV2009.

“Yay! A Free Audio Book!”

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Recommended Seminar: Worship In The Valley

I’ve been listening to some of Sovereign Grace’s most recent worship conference mp3’s and want to recommend Worship In The Valley by Matt Mason which you can download for free. As someone who’s live through Hurricane Katrina, not to mention several person tragedies, he know what he’s talking about. Check it out.

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Free Music

Rodrigo y Gabriela Free Download

Mexican guitar monsters Rodrigo y Gabriela have a new album, 11:11, out now. And they’re giving away a free download on 7Digital in the UK (where the album is also at a discount price).

The Spotify blog saw it first

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Wii R Chrisitans

I’m pretty sure this is a spoof but then again we live in a fallen world…

If you want to be sure you could always try pre-ordering a copy on Nov 20th!

Update 22/11/09 if you do try to order you’ll find it’s a very clever viral marketing device for a video game called Dante’s Inferno – good job guys!)

Tim Challies saw it first

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Beauty Will Rise

Steven Curtis Chapman has a new album out, Beauty Will Rise and it’s well worth a listen. It’s his first since the tragic death of his five year old daughter Maria.

Beautiful moments abound from the 7/4 metre of the title track to the heart rending lyrics of songs like Jesus Will Meet You There and (my favourite) February 20th which remembers the day Maria gave her life to the Lord, just a few months before her death. The album is refreshingly free of hype and artifice and at some points is the sound of a man hanging on to God by his fingernails

When you realise the dreams you had for your child won’t come true
whatever valley you must go through, Jesus will meet you there

And yet like Jeremiah, the writer of Lamentations, he has fashioned something beautiful, and quite probably enduring, from the pain.

As a recent SoulAudio review concluded:

If anything, Beauty Will Rise proves the maxim the greatest or most meaningful art produced usually emerges from the worst of circumstances. It’s a true gift from an artist who lost so much to give so much more away to the rest of us.

You can stream the CD at Tangle.Com
Spotify (UK only and you’ll need an invite from a paying user*)
Lala (US only)

or buy it from Amazon or 7 digital.

Here’s the official ‘video’ but there’s also a nice live version here

*Alternatively you can BUY an invite on Ebay (for around 99p)!

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A Blog's Life

Let’s Hear It For The Little Guy

My worship song Great High Priest hit 50 (fiddy?) downloads! Mighty oaks, tiny acorns, and all that!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH if you were one of the 50!

want to be the 51st?

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Free Music

Free Album Preview – Switchfoot’s Hello Hurricane

For one week only NewReleaseTuesday.Com is allowing you to stream Switchfoot‘s eagerly awaited album Hello Hurricane. (recently rated 9/10 by SoulAudio.Com).

NRT is free to sign up to, and as well as streaming album you can download selected tracks. This week you can get Different Kinds Of Happy by Sara Groves.

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In Car Entertainment


To Be Like Jesus (Sovereign Grace) Review

Sovereign Grace’s To Be Like Jesus is a worship album aimed at kids aged 6-10 on the theme of the fruit of the Spirit & created recognising that many children in that age range who will gather in church to sing these songs may not yet be born again. It’s a tough assignment but then Sovereign Grace have a highly gifted pool of songwriters & vocalists & a strong commitment to doctrinal purity & excellent products. Can they pull it off? After listening the title track you would have to conclude, yes they can!

Playfully wrong-footing you with an opening chorus of nasal sounding kids before being rescued by a blast of drums, the track is a breakneck Blink 182-inspired rocker. Matching the target audience perfectly, it barrels along till verse 2 brings it screeching to a halt, then, rebooted by a crazy drumfill, it rushes off again like 6 year old on his second sugar rush of the day. It fits the Sovereign Grace M.O. too – in two short verses and a chorus we get the gospel, the fruit of the Spirit and the connection that having the fruit of the Spirit means Christlikeness. And all wrapped up in a tune that’s catchier than swine flu. I have yet to play this song to a child who didn’t immediately sing, dance, jump or all three.

Which makes it all the more remarkable that the album then ambles along in a blandly inoffensive way for a few more songs before the wheels come off the wagon altogether. Whether it’s kid-unfriendly abstract lyrics, (“here I am tied I knots”, “[love] gives it’s place in line”) arrangements that can’t make up their mind what style they’re trying to be in or simply too much that’s mid-tempo, middle of the road & frankly middle-aged, most of the remaining tracks collapse under the weight of their own good intentions, each one making the title track seem more like an accidental home run.

There is plenty to praise on the rest of the album. Make Me Faithful goes a long way towards recapturing the opener’s pop-punk mojo. Bob Kauflin’s beautiful piano & cello backed ballad Peace would hold it’s own on any ‘adult’ worship album. The playing is uniformly excellent throughout (in a genre where shoddy karaoke-style tracks are the norm) & Sovereign Grace deserve kudos for providing embedded backing tracks and chord charts for all the songs at no extra charge. But it’s such a shame that among the moments of greatness lurk episodes of toe-curling horror. The rap/chant of Nothing Better Than Jesus sounds like an army of mini-clones proclaiming “presents and birthdays – Jesus is better!” (Surely unsaved kids would be more inclined to sing, “Hallelujah, I’ve been washed in the blood!” than that?) & You Show Me Kindness is so sickly sweet it would make Barney The Dinosaur sound like Snoop Dogg.

It’s a tough job writing for kids. Even tougher writing worship songs for those on their way to faith. And limiting yourself to a particular theme, especially when some aspects (kindness, gentleness) are hard to get your teeth into isn’t easy either. So to attempting everything in one album feels incredibly ambitious.

Having a couple of kids of my own in the target range and teaching lots more every week I also feel that musically the CD seems overly shaped by adult sensibilities. Adults want a lot of variety and depth. Young kids prize the immediate & have little need for too much musical diversity. Perhaps a ratio of 9 to 1, high-energy rock (or urban hip-hop) to slower tracks would have been better. I’d venture to say that if most adults don’t find an album like this too loud, too frenetic and too repetitive you haven’t quite hit your target market!

Bottom line. Download the title track and treat yourself to any one of the other great Sovereign Grace albums.

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