The Amazing Tony Royster Jnr (Aged 11)

Tony Royster Jnr entered the Guitar Center National Drum-Off competition Hollywood in 1995 aged 11 (not 12 as was announced) and won. This is his performance…

Where is he now? Well, though he still has time to jam on other people’s drumkits sadly, like many of us, he been forced to get a day job

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The Literal Journey

There’s a lot of these ‘literal videos’ about, but here’s one of my favourites – the solo section alone is priceless.

Dave Scott has put a lot of work into this and it makes me realise just how bad many 80’s videos are!

If you want more check out
Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Dave Scott
Take On Me by Dusto McNeato
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Pixar’s ‘UP’ – A Review Round Up

Pixar’s Up is undoubtedly the best film (of any type) you are likely to see this year. It’s so good I’m at a bit of a loss to know where to begin, so here’s a few quotes

Not The Usual ‘Disney’ Morality

I always love how Pixar subverts the common kid’s movie morality or storytelling, and this was no exception…How often do we hear, “hang on to your dreams and believe in yourself”? Yet this little Disneyism would define the bad guy in UP, not the good guy.


Two of the three central characters are cranky old men, which is a wonder in this era…”Up” doesn’t think all heroes must be young or sweet, although the third important character is a nervy kid…who, for once, isn’t smarter than all the adults.

That’ Opening Sequence

The opening montage of the man and his wife was one of the most well created bits of film-making I have ever seen, I think– at least as far as animation is concerned. I honestly can’t think of anything that comes close to touching that. In the span of what couldn’t be more than five minutes, you walk through an entire marriage, it’s up’s and downs– real stuff too, not corny. And they do it all without saying a single word.

Russ Ramsey@RabbitRoom.Com

The wordless ten-minute (ten!?) montage of Carl Fredricksen’s life at the beginning of the movie is a far more touching, beautiful, and real love story than any romance movie you’ll see this year.


I hadn’t heard or seen anything about the opening 15 minutes (keeps getting longer folks!) which included the “silent movie” life flashing past your eyes. It was like getting knocked over by a ton of bricks…even though you only saw Carl’s wife for a few minutes…she was someone you came to love. And that made her passing that much more sad…Boy did I bawl.

Jim A.@RabbitRoom.Com

The Trust Of An Audience

I watched the crowd filter in and find their seats and I wondered at what an eclectic pilgrimage they were. Young boys and girls came hand in hand all covered in blushes, laughter and delight. They came in families, by the dozens, herding children with candy and eyes peeled wide. Groups of young men sauntered in adorned with attitudes like costume jewelry, their pants slung low and clattering with chains. Elderly couples stepped down the aisles deliberate and slow to settle themselves patiently into their seats. The middle-aged, the old-aged, and the barely aged at all filled the theater and hushed to hear the whisper when the lights went low. What a privilege it is to have the trust of your audience. Such is Pixar’s legacy that people who would otherwise turn up their nose at a mere ‘cartoon’ came in droves to fill the house based on the trust of a studio’s name alone. It’s a precious and delicate thing.

Pete Peterson@RabbitRoom.Com

What thrilled me about the movie…was the obvious care taken in producing it. The people at Pixar are like potters…They obviously love what they do…I thought it was a beautiful piece, indeed”.

Marcus Hong@RabbitRoom.Com

I’ll leave the (almost) last word to Dave@BannaneryPublic.Com

Here’s my frustration with Pixar: they’ve ruined so many movies for me. Not their own movies—other studios’ movies. They keep pumping out one great animated movie after another, so by now I’ve foolishly begun to associated computer animation with high-quality movies. Naturally, then, when I watch a movie like Monsters vs. Aliens, it ends up being pretty disappointing, because there’s no depth or maturity or plot behind the formulaic humor and self-empowerment follow-your-dreams schmaltz.

Up is a computer-generated movie about an old man flying to an imaginary land in a totally impractical vessel—a house suspended under thousands of helium-filled balloons. Yet it feels much more real than nearly any adventure movie you’ve ever seen…

…What all this means is that I am now a slave to Pixar for life. From now on, I will have to go see every movie of theirs in theaters as soon as it is released…

here’s my recommendation for Disney: hand Pixar two bags full of money with dollar signs on the side, and tell them to make whatever movies they want to make.

And finally – 3D or 2D?

The 3D is overrated and adds nothing to the film
Dave and Roger agree with me.

Some more links

podcast interview

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Derek Webb: What Matters More…Being Controversial?

If you follow all the latest news in the CCM world and are on the Wide Worldled Interweb you can’t not fail to have missed all the hoo-har surrounding Derek Webb’s new album Stockholm Syndrome and specifically the song What Matters More and specifically specifically the BAD WORD he says on that song. A BAD WORD that is a synonym for


Want to know what all the fuss is about?
Want to hear the song?
Want to hear a christian say a BAD WORD?
Do ya?

Well you can download it here for free!

My 2 cents? (Which, like all my songs, is free).

This is an average song, not the best he’s ever done, not even the best on the new album.

The BAD WORD doesn’t add any impact to the song.

The figure he quotes doesn’t seem to match anything current – hunger, aids, peanut allergy-related deaths,

Tony Campolo said the same thing. 20 years ago. It’s hard to be cutting edge when you’re two decades behind a sociology professor.

The song leaves us with the message that “something bad is happening to someone somewhere and SHAME ON THE CHURCH for not caring!!!!!”

Perhaps Derek was just panicked by the heat coming from a new contender for his controversy crown?

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A Blog's Life

A Blogs Life – More Milestones!

More milestones in my little ol’ blog’s life

had my 3000th 3,105th visitor!

208 214 posts

Downloads for The Eglon Song have shot up to 211, a lot in the US and NZ.
The Weight Of Glory is very close to going through 100 and overall downloads are edging towards 500.
Even the newbie Great High Priest is ticking along nicely…

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And to Mat, Ali, and the Phils for commenting…

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Great Guitarists

Ladies and Gentlemen – John Pointer!

Here’s the truly amazing John Pointer, Texas based multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, composer and actor. Watch him doing alone what it took 4 members of Led Zeppelin to do, armed only with a guitar, delay pedal, flight case and healthy set of lungs. Amazing…Kashmir – Solo Acoustic performance by John Pointer (Short) from John Pointer on Vimeo.Related Posts: John Piper vs. Led Zeppelin
Yuri Lane

Then Pete Said, “Let Us Make Carl In Our Own Image”

Pete Docter, creator of Pixar’s ‘Up’, is a Christian. Here he tells World Magazine how his faith informs his art

It is a story’s ability to draw people into common experience that Docter, who is like his Pixar colleague Andrew Stanton a Christian, says best allows him to exercise his faith in his work.

” In making these worlds I feel closer to God through working out the details of my creation as He must have worked out the details of His creation. Before I wrote out the character of Carl, I thought about his life story—where he came from and what went into to making him who he is so he would feel as rich and real as he possibly could. And that seems a bit like God with us—I know everything about him, and took great joy in making him.”
Meg Basham World Magazine.Com

You can listen to a very interesting podcast with Pete here –

podcast interview with Pete Docter (

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A Blog's Life

At Long Last…

Hey I FINALLY have a blog roll!!!!!!

Check out all the people I deeply love and respect

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Let The Earth Resound (Well, The UK At Least) are taking it on the road with a seminar double bill : Writing Songs for Worship & Choosing Songs for Worship. Speakers are Sam Hargreaves, Matt Osgood and Joel Payne.

Saturday 17 October 2009
St.Edmund’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8EZ

Saturday 24 October 2009
London School of Theology, Northwood, HA6 2UW

Saturday 7 November 2009
Orwell Church, Ipswich, IP3 8AF

The programme is

Writing Songs

for Songwriters wanting to hone their craft of producing material for the local church. Will include input on:
Theology – Why write new songs?
Critique – What makes a great worship song?
Skills – writing lyrics, writing melodies and chords
Plus opportunity for some people to share their material for group critique and encouragement.

Choosing Songs

for anyone who wants to find and introduce a breadth of new material. Including:
Where to find a wide variety of new songs/hymns
Choosing and assessing repertoire
Putting together a set of songs from a variety of sources for worship
Plus practical skills on how to teach and introduce new songs for a congregation, and a time of worship and prayer.

Click here for more info

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Why The Big Paws?

There’s an old joke that goes…

A bear walks into a bar and says “I’d like a beer and . . . . a packet of peanuts.”
The barman says “Why the big pause?”

Get it?

Big paws cause misunderstanding. It’s a problem when you’re a polar bear trying to purchase alcohol but it’s more of issue a when you’re a songwriter trying to communicate a message.

In Matt Redman’s excellent (if slightly creepy) My Hope, a resetting of On Christ The Solid Rock the line

In every high and stormy gale,
my anchor holds behind the veil


In every high
And stormy gale

The original means “I’m secure in every really bad situation”. The second “In every amazingly good (the modern meaning of ‘high’) and every really bad situation”. That may have been intentional. This, from Godfrey Birtill, I’m sure wasn’t. Take the Ephesians-inspired manly exhortation,

“Don’t quit,
Like men be strong!”

Insert a pause, and hey presto!

“Don’t quit like men –
Be strong!”

– Not quite so encouraging.

If that’s not an example of derailing the sentiment, how about this heart rending line from Lost Prophets 4 a.m. Forever

“Yesterday I lost my closest friend”

all it takes is a pause before the last two syllables for it to become

“Yesterday I lost my clothes”.

The lesson? Always read your lyrics out loud with with the same gaps that you have when you sing them. Is it rendering any of the lyrics nonsensical or putting the emphasis in the wrong place?

Do YOU have any examples of misplaced pauses?

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My latest song: You Spoke The Stars
Other free songs by Matt Blick